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Friends and Family


Friends and Family



While at a retreat this past weekend, several of the ladies presented me with a Lizzy quilt. This quilt is made by several ladies from across the county.
While I am not a person to be speechless often, believe me they had me there. Thank you everyone, and I love you all.



Daymin Decided to sew on Saturday. He made a table topper top (still needs to be quilted) and decided to make a hot pad with a few extra squares he had left over.



Cheyenne Pillar teaching her friend Jessica how to run my Longarm. They are working on a quilt of valor for one of our wounded vets. Why to go girls. Age is 14

I had to add this to this page. I won for the first time





Janet G doing her favorite job & not being real happy about it (a few choice words)



My 7 year old student Ellie finished her first quilt tonight 

Jennifer Scheidt Alexander "Thanks so much Char!! Ellie was doing the hand sewing at 6:30 this morning!!"

My husband with his new quilt

His comment was "its my quilt, oh wait you haven't given it to me yet!"... silly guy he got it right away.



This guy was trying to get into my office today. I looks like he is standing there looking at my son's quilt which is hanging in my office. talk about reflections



Grandma helped me make my 3rd quilt this year for Christmas gifts, and I went on my first Bus Trip with her to 6 different quilt shops now I'm set for making 3 more quilts for next year.



Grandma and I worked on this all morning and I made 6 whole blocks and put 4 together to get this one. I wanted to quit halfway through but grandma wanted to see what the block would look like. By the time I got to the last 2 rows I also wanted to see what it would look like and here it is….




My name is Melanie and Char is teaching me run her Longarm and to quilt this is my 2nd time at her house, I’m having a great time, it’s a learning process, but I love to run the Longarm. Char has even said I could bring a girlfriend the next time.