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Each quilt is a work of art! You work hard to choose the fabric colors, just the right pattern. You and I will work together to enhance your beautiful work of art and turn it into a masterpiece. Before I start working on your quilt top, I will give you a firm quote for the design(s) you choose.

To calculate the yardage of your quilt, multiply its width by its length and divide by 1,296. For example:

Queen size: 84” x 92” = 7,728 square inches ÷ 1,296 = 5.96 square yards. For an all over, lightly quilted pattern, at 0.01/sq in, the price would be approximately $77.28, for the quilting only.

I carry over 100 different patterns and will order a specific pattern for you if I don’t have it on hand. You will need to provide ordering information. All my quilting is done freehand, no computers are involved.


Lightly Quilted Edge – to Edge 0.01/ sq in
Medium Quilted Edge – to Edge Medium Slightly/Dense 0.02/sq in
Heavily Quilted Edge – to Edge Dense Design Pattern 0.03/ sq in
Custom Individual Designs in blocks (up to 12, additional blocks 0.03 and up/ sq in
One Border Included, Turning quilt additional $20.00
Setup Charge: $20.00
Pressing: $10.00
Hobbs 80/20 $8.00 per yard
Quilters Dream 70/30 $9.50 per yard
Warm & Neural $8.50 per yard
Bamboo 50/50 $9.50 per yard
Thread charge:
several colors, quilt quality
Backing: available upon request (Limited) $10.95/up
Binding customer supplied 0.15/ sq inch

You may provide your own batting or choose from one of the above options. Thread charges are $7 for the upper and $5 for the lower, if color changes are needed there will be a $3 additional for each thread color change.